My name is Dallas and I am 24 years old from Spokane, Washington and I recently moved to Phoienx, Arizona in December 2017 to start a new journey. Both in a new job and chasing this crazy horse dream of mine. Although this blog is focused on my horses, I have a lot more things and ideas than that and will be sharing that as well. 

   A little back story to how I got started in this industry is that I come from a family who isn't  into horses, but I was lucky enough to have them as a great supporters who introduced me into this world 16 years ago. I've done everything from western pleasure, dressage, gaming, drill, to showing ASPC ponies across the US. But I have found my passion within the barrel racing realm and have been doing this for 9 years now, and haven't looked back.

   This blog is going to be centered around what I have learned along the way, while providing motivation to all ages. I am going to share things that have worked well for me and ended in success and lessons I have learned along the way.I hope you all will enjoy the content and embark on this journey with me towards reaching my goals! Follow my Instagram to see what I've accomplished so far

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About Me

This blog is going to be about having a work-life balance when it comes to working full time, while trying to make my mark in the rodeo world. I am going to share how I balance emerging myself into adult hood and budgeting my time and money in a way everyone can do.


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