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About Me

This blog is going to be about having a work-life balance when it comes to working full time, while trying to make my mark in the rodeo world. I am going to share how I balance emerging myself into adult hood and budgeting my time and money in a way everyone can do.


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2018 Goals

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

What Needs To Be Accomplished

I think writing down your goals on a good ole pen and paper is the best way to make them come to life. It helps your mind register exactly what you want to do and to make sure you take tiny steps in accomplishing them.

Here are some of mine:

  • Bring Lacey down in April(done)

  • Futurity Lacey 3 times in 2019

  • Time only at 3 different arenas before 2019

  • Improve my instagram

  • Buy a truck(done)

  • Hit the gym 4x a week

  • Visit somewhere I haven't been before

  • Be more confident in my abilities