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This blog is going to be about having a work-life balance when it comes to working full time, while trying to make my mark in the rodeo world. I am going to share how I balance emerging myself into adult hood and budgeting my time and money in a way everyone can do.


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7 Things Horses Have Taught Me In Life

Though horses maybe considered a hobby and a passion for people, what they can do for us is so much more. They teach us so many things that we can apply to our everyday life that make us better.

1) Dedication

Every time you go out to the barn even on the days you don't want to, that shows the amount of dedication you have to this sport. They teach us how to have the drive and want to stay committed to learning and improving constantly. Not giving up when your horse maybe isn't understanding what you are asking, that is dedication. When you continue to fail but keep going, that is dedication.

2) Drive

Owning horses and competing on them takes a lot of time and money to accomplish what you want. They teach us that if we put our mind to what we want, that we can get it with a whole lot of effort. If you aren't putting in the work you aren't going to get anywhere. We spend hours taking care of them and training them, where somedays we don't even see results. It's when you don't see any success right away and keep grinding that you are showing the drive you have.

3) Bravery

From the first moment you stepped into that stirrup you were showing an act of bravery. Horses are scary, large animals who have a mind of there own. Every time they might put a little fear in you, but you keep going that is bravery. Every time you get bucked off and hop back on that is bravery. Every new competition you enter that is bravery.

4) Selfishness

Sometimes you have to put your animals well being in front of your own. If you horse is hurt before an important competition, you draw them out. It is the late nights when your horse is sick that you stick by its side even though you could be sleeping. It is all the money you spend on them before you spend it on yourself. We care for them more than we care for ourselves sometimes.

5) Passion

The ability to wake up everyday and have a plan for your horse. To know where you want to take them now and in the future. The reasoning on why you choose them over your friends and family sometimes. The reason we spend so much time and money on them is because we have a passion for them and where we want to take them. Horses can fill your soul with happiness and passion and show you where that can take you. All you need is passion and the difficult times won't seem so difficult.

6) Responsibility

Horses require work and consistency daily, from feeding, grooming, riding and maintenance there is always something that needs to be done. It teaches us how to build a consistent schedule in taking care of them and there needs. Learning how to be responsible for something other than yourself can teach you how to be responsible for other things in your life. You wouldn't have horses if you weren't responsible.

7) Trust

Is the most important thing you need to have with your horse, because without trust it is hard to have confidence within one another. A young horse isn't going to let you put a halter on it for the first time unless they trust you. Your juvenile barrel horse isn't going to run the barrels unless it trusts you are going to help them. Success comes from trusting one another and the process that goes along with it.

Horses teach us so many things that we don't even realize have impacted our lives outside of them. They show us that all of the time we spend out there with them is teaching us real world life lessons that we can apply what we have learned from them to those. So many times I have sat there and related life occurrences to my experiences with them and it helps draw so many connections. They offer a heck of a lot more than blue ribbons and money.