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About Me

This blog is going to be about having a work-life balance when it comes to working full time, while trying to make my mark in the rodeo world. I am going to share how I balance emerging myself into adult hood and budgeting my time and money in a way everyone can do.


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Creating Habits

I am a habit nut, meaning that I create habits super fast and easily and well it has its pros and cons I am happy with the ones I've established. For me creating habits in my day makes it so I don't even think about making excuses for what I need to because I just do it without thinking. Some good habits I have created is waking up and going to the gym at 5am 5 days a week, writing in a journal every morning about what would make today great, riding my horse everyday and more. Creating a habit doesn't take me more than about a month to establish one, because I really commit to it if it is something that I want to do or change. I used to never make a plan to make things into a habit until recently, and the advice below is what helped me create habits easily.

Some advice I would give on creating them:

1) Figure out a habit that would add value to your life or something that you want to be more consistent with

2) Write down that habit on paper so you can engrain it in your brain

3) Establish a time that you want to do this consistently everyday(MOST IMPORTANT)

4) Pick one habit at a time so it is attainable and you can focus on that one

5) DO IT EVERYDAY and it you eventually won't even think about it

Habits are so powerful and life changing in the sense that you can feel accomplished every time that you do what you set out to do. Once you establish one it becomes mindless to do like driving a car and then you can start adding more habits you want to do. At least for me this has helped me focus on what I need to without letting other things get in the way.