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This blog is going to be about having a work-life balance when it comes to working full time, while trying to make my mark in the rodeo world. I am going to share how I balance emerging myself into adult hood and budgeting my time and money in a way everyone can do.


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Horses Are Humbling Me

I think we have all been there when the going gets tough and we just want to throw in the towel because we feel like we have given our all. That moment when you are on the brink and decide to give it one more go is when you feel a sense of humbling with yourself, I think all too often that we quit way before we are supposed to because we don't see the light at the end of the tunnel when really we are just right there.

Horses for one thing have humbled me and made me realize that if you want something, it is not going to be easy. You are going to fail 1000x before you are going to succeed. But when you do start gaining some momentum is when you start to see that your hard work is finally paying off. Lets be honest a lot of us wish everything was easy and would come naturally to us right away but it just doesn't. There has been so many times that I feel like I have been working towards improving something and haven't found any success but then all of the sudden I start to see the tiny gains and it is paying off.

The reason why I said horses are humbling me is because if I didn't have them I am not sure I would know what it would feel like to fail and be disappointed so much, but then to succeed after many trial and errors. Now I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if I want something I need to get back up and try again and again until I get it right. I relate it to this there has been so many times when training my horse I felt like nothing was going the way it was supposed to and then one day it all clicked because I decided to get up and try it again, from another approach. I can now relay that into my normal day to day for when I start to get frustrated all I have to remember is, it is possible to get over it, just need to come from it from another angle.

Horses humble you because they take your cockiness away and teach you that the learning is never over, you are just getting wiser and wiser. They bring you back down to earth and humble you to the point where you begin to enjoy the grind, because you know you will never master everything but you can become damn good at something if you keep going.